Vietnam clamps down on airports

  • 02:01 - 2014/08/04

Directors of airport authorities may be fired if they fail to improve operations of all airports in their areas within three months.

On August 1, Lai Xuan Thanh, director of the Civil Aviation Authority, said they were focusing on major problems, including aviation safety and security as well as delayed and cancelled flights. He also admitted that airport operations only improve while under supervision.

Thanh said that the performance of Vietjet Air, the domestic airline with the highest number of delayed flights, should be improved by the winter.

Minister of Transport Dinh La Thanh ordered the Civil Aviation Authority to take more responsibility for their management flaws. In addition, they were asked to review their staff for incompetent employees. Directors of the airport authority must take all responsibility for the daily operations of their airports.

Thang said, "Instead of assigning tasks to subordinates, the directors must micromanage. After three months, if the number of delayed and cancelled flights does not decrease, they may be dismissed. The same rules will be applied to leaders of Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation."

From July 13 to 29, Vietnam Airlines had 64 delayed flights, Jetstar Pacific had 32 and Vietjet Air 91.

Source: dtnews

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