Vietnam lauded for stellar performance as ASEAN president

  • 09:15 - 2014/07/30

Vietnam Ambassador Le Huy Hoang has performed the role as Chair of ASEAN Pretoria Council (APC) in an exemplary manner.

ASEAN president, Vietnam

ASEAN ambassadors made the statement on June 27 at an ASEAN Pretoria Council (APC) meeting in reference to Ambassador Hoang’s chairmanship over the past six months.

During the period Ambassador Hoang has presided over activities such as accelerating research cooperation in the region, conducting meeting with government leaders discussing measures to boost ASEAN-South Africa cooperation and organizing cultural exchanges to promote tourism in ASEAN member countries.

ASEAN ambassadors expressed their delight at the results of APC activities, helping to strengthen solidarity among the bloc members and promote the ASEAN image in the resident country as well as relations between ASEAN and the host country.

Bernard William Baker, Singaporean Ambassador to South Africa and Chairman of the Asian ambassadors’ board in Pretoria said that, the APC chaired by the Vietnamese Embassy has carried out successfully many activities over the past six months.

Baker added that under the Vietnam Embassy’s leadership, he is confident the APC will stay on target ensuring ASEAN countries will continue to receive support from the South African foreign ministry and relevant government agencies.



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