East Sea resolution expected from NA

  • 02:31 - 2014/05/23

National Assembly (NA) Deputy Duong Trung Quoc said that the NA should issue a resolution to deal with issues surrounding the East Sea dispute with China.

East Sea, resolution, illegal actions

NA Deputy Duong Trung Quoc answering questions from the media

Outside a meeting at the on-going seventh session of the 13th National Assembly, Deputy Quoc told reporters that the National Assembly is the highest organ of state power and the highest representative body of the people. The National Assembly has the right and responsibility of supervision over all activities of the state.

The current East Sea issue has become a matter of deep concern in Vietnam, in the NA meetings. All speeches presented by National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung and Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc underlined Vietnam`s’ determination to protect national sovereignty.

Deputy Quoc added that “I think that the resolution that comes out of these discussions will have a strong impact on the diplomatic front, which will play an important role."

According to Deputy Quoc Trung Quoc, the resolution still shows Vietnam’s viewpoint to solve disputes by peaceful measures based on international laws. He added that, in the current dispute caused by the illegal oil rig, Vietnam is in the right.

Our restraint has limitations

Deputy Tran Ngoc Vinh, a member of the National Assembly Laws Committee, said “We have done our utmost to show restraint in this matter, but our restraint has limitations. We always seek peace, but if China continues its illegal actions, we must explore other solutions”.

East Sea, resolution, illegal actions

NA deputies at the first day of the seventh session on May 20

China has been facing strong criticism from the international community for its incursions into the East Sea, and to date no country has condoned its actions in the Vietnamese Exclusive Economic Zone.

“Vietnam has very been patient to try to solve the dispute in peace, but the situation has yet to deescalate. Taking the case to international court is not excluded, Vinh emphasised.

Meanwhile, Deputy Bui Thi An said one of the long-term measures for Vietnam is focusing on development of the economy, defense and security. “We also should draft official documents so that the rest of the world can clearly understand our stance on the East Sea and China`s incursions," she said.

Source: DTriNews


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