Ca Na, the road to heaven

  • 10:28 - 2014/01/05

VietNamNet Bridge - The coastal road of Ca Na enchants tourists by the creative harmony of the sea, mountains and the sky.

ca na, nha trang

Mountain and the ocean. Photo:

ca na, nha trang

Ca Na is a section of Highway 1A, in Thuan Nam district of the central province of Ninh Thuan, about 30km to the south of the center of Phan Rang City. The name of the road comes from the ancient geographical name of the Cham ethnic people here.

To enjoy this road, visitors should ride a motorbike from the city of Phan Rang. About 40 minutes later, when the vast field of Phuoc Nam gradually disappears from your eyes and your ears hear the first sound of waves, the beautiful curve of Ca Na road is right in front of you.

The first impression of the road is the crescent-shaped curve of the Ca Na beach, hugging the road for about 3 km. This is an ideal beach because the sea is not deep and the sand is smooth and white. While bathing, your body will be comforted by gentle waves.

In front of the sea are rocky mountains and trees which are in symbiosis to survive amid the fierce heat of Phan Rang. In the distance, you will see a small island named Lao, which is the home to sea birds.

When dusk falls, Ca Na beach becomes shimmering with the lights of the boats that are preparing to sail. In the cool night, lying on the beach under the moonlight to listen to the sound of waves, you will feel the harmony of the nature, the earth and the sky.

ca na, nha trang

Catching squid in Ca Na . Photo: Pandaranhotel

Ca Na today is like a fairy awakening after a long sleep, with many restaurants, hotels and resorts along the coast. You can enjoy a variety of fresh seafood cuisines.

The elegant pleasure favored by many tourists in Ca Na is catching squid. When the night falls, the lights of squid fishing boats make a lantern festival in the sea. The twinkling lights of boats attract squid. With a fishing-rod on your hands, you are ready to enjoy a night of squid fishing.

On the moonless night you will be able to fish more squid. However, in the full moon night you will see the best of the ocean.

If you travel from the north to the south, do not forget to stop in Ca Na, one of the tourist paradises of the South Central Region.

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