The most beautiful Dong Son bronze drum

  • 02:25 - 2016/10/06

VietNamNet Bridge - Ngoc Lu I bronze drum is a masterpiece made in the heyday of the Dong Son culture.

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It is preserved at the National Museum of Vietnam History in Hanoi. Ngoc Lu bronze drum I is considered the most beautiful bronze drum of the Dong Son culture ever found in Vietnam.

This drum has a large size, and an ancient, symmetrical look with abundant patterns. It is almost intact, with its surface covered with patina. Of about 200 bronze drums discovered, none of them matches the Ngoc Lu bronze drum in all aspects. 

The fundamental function of the bronze drum is used as a musical instrument in festivals and rituals. It has two parts: The tympanum and the mantle; the former is a plain disc linked with the upper part. 

The mantle is divided into three parts: the barrel upper part with a resonance box and sound amplifier; the middle part is cylindrical which adjusts the sounds. The lower part is of truncated conical shape, an opening part to emit the sounds.

Patterns decorated on the Ngoc Lu bronze drum are found lively, expressing many aspects of material and spiritual life of the Dong Son people under the Hung Kings. 

These patterns include a multi-ray star (symbolizing the shining sun) at the centre of the tympanum, and in between the star rays are designs of stylized peacock feathers. 

Bands of geometrical patterns with small dots surround the star. The band of human figures constitutes two people pounding rice, some other standing or sitting inside the house, some beating the drum and many others dancing. In between those human patterns are the curved-roof stilted house, bronze drum, bronze bells, weapons, musical instruments and so on. 

The bands of animal figures include short-bill birds, the long-bill birds and deer. The barrel is decorated with a boat carrying armed people in different activities. 

The body is decorated with a warrior holding weapon, shield and ax. The handles of the drum are cast with pairs of symmetrical rice ears.

The Ngoc Lu bronze drum is the most typical bronze drum in the bronze drum system of Vietnam, and at the same time symbolizes the brilliant peak of the Dong Son culture. 

The drum converges the scientific knowledge of the time as well as the artistic talent and mind of the ancient Viet. The decorative patterns on the Ngoc Lu bronze drum is considered a harmonious combination of the characteristics and style of decorative art of Dong Son bronze articles.

Photo: Kienthuc

Compiled by Pha Le

Source: VietNamNet

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