Retired doctor gives free treatment for patients

  • 12:56 - 2018/09/29

When doctor Nguyen Van Chuong, decided to retire, he wasn’t ready to put his feet up.

Doctor Nguyen Van Chuong treats Do Thi Hoai, a patient from Tay Ho District’s Buoi Ward at his clinic. —  Photo Ta Nguyen

He could have decided to live the rest of his life relaxing after a lifetime of hard work, but no.

Instead he decided to create a rehabilitation and physical therapy clinic to help those in need.

In the small and old treatment room in Hanoi’s Tay Ho District, the doctor has found his joy and happiness by giving treatment for patients free of charge or at very low cost.

For the last 24 years, Dong Ho Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Clinic has become the familiar address of poor people who get trouble with osteoarthritis.

The clinic is always full of patients exercising with machines, being treated with infrared light therapy, getting massages or acupuncture from morning to night.

Tran Thi Kim Ngan, patient from Bac Tu Liem District’s Phu Dien Ward, said she suffered from painful swelling and stiffness in the arms. She has been treated in the clinic for five days and things are getting better.

“I can move my arms and the pain has eased,” Ngan said.

“Chuong has given me treatment, and showed me exercises for my arms,” she said. “It would take me a lot of money to get treatment at hospitals.”

Do Thi Hoai, patient from Tay Ho District’s Buoi Ward, said she has known about Chuong and his clinic for a long time.

“The clinic is always open for all patients,” she said.

Chuong is the only doctor at the clinic and is always busy. He shows them how to exercise with machines, gives massages for other patients.

Each patient will get two hours of physical therapy and rehabilitation instead of 45 minutes as usual to improve the recovery progress.

In the report the doctor sent to Ha Noi Oriental Medicine Association, nearly 2,000 patients have been treated in the past three years. Of that, about 11,500 patients have been supported to get treatment at very low cost.

Chuong said he remembers the name and the health problems of each patient, especially complicated cases. Huy, a Hanoi’s patient, suffered from hand paralysis for six years. Huy could not do simple tasks such as holding spoon and feeding himself.

Huy’s hand got much better after a time of treatment with Chuong. He’s got married, and opened a bakery.

“This is among the best case that I’ve given treatment,” he said.

Chuong graduated from the rehabilitation and physical therapy department of Ha Noi’s Medical University in 1959. During the years of working for Coal Company No 3 Hospital (now Bac Thang Long Hospital) and working as a heath expert in Laos, he got the chance to treat poor people in both countries.

When he retired in 1994, he decided to use the first floor of his small house as a clinic for people with disadvantages and difficulties. He was supported by his wife and children, who are also doctors.

Chuong said his clinic closed only twice. The first time was ten days when his wife passed away, and the second time was three days when he was hospitalised. Chuong said he was afraid that someone would have to travel from other provinces to the clinic, only to get back without being treated.

“I’ve tried to find the best method with cheapest cost for patients. I’m still healthy and I can do it,” he said. 

Source: Vietnamnet

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