Outstanding students awarded Odon Vallet scholarships

  • 03:15 - 2014/08/25

(VOV) -156 Vietnamese students and young researchers, who excelled in their studies, were presented Odon Vallet scholarships worth VND2 billion at an awards ceremony in Hanoi on August 23.

The scholarships are part of a larger VND20 billion scholarship programme for 2,250 outstanding individuals from select countries in the world. Each is worth VND8 million each per student and VND13 million per researcher.

The scholarships have been awarded biannually for the past 14 years with the aim of encouraging young Vietnamese students to overcome all challenges and achieve scholastic success.

Odon Vallet is reported to have inherited a large fortune from his father and he used a portion of it to establish a scholarship fund to support poor students in France, Vietnam and a number of African countries.

Source:  VOV



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