PM approves But Thap Pagoda preservation

  • 04:47 - 2017/12/20

The overall plan to preserve and promote the values of But Thap Pagoda, a special national cultural historic relic in the northern province of Bac Ninh, has been approved by the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the plan’s scale extends for 8.2ha, including the protected area of But Thap Pagoda, the eastward, westward and southward extended area of the relic that is within the territory of But Thap Village, in the province’s Thuan Thanh District.

One of the key tasks is conducting research, surveys and evaluation. Specifically, documents and figures about history, culture and socio-economy will be studied and compiled, while the architectural categories and the landscape surrounding the pagoda will be measured and sketched on paper.

Conditions to preserve and promote the values of the relic, surrounding natural conditions, infrastructure, as well as values and role of the relic in relation to the surrounding area will also be studied and evaluated.

The plan also involves the evaluation of effects on the socio-economic situation of the province following the implementation of the plan, and investment required for preserving and restoring the relic. Tourism activities within the relic and nearby areas are also part of the plan.

Constructed in the 13th century during the Tran Dynasty, But Thap is one of the oldest pagodas in the country and is believed to be the centre of Buddhism. The pagoda was recognised as a special national cultural historic relic in 2012, making it an important place for pilgrims and a tourist attraction.

Source: VietNamNet

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