Vietnam appears in iPad Air advertisement


VietNamNet Bridge - On Sunday, Apple posted to YouTube two videos advertising the iPad Air, including a music clip and a clip with the familiar image of Vietnam.

In the video entitled Cherie`s Verse, journalist Cherie King traveled around the world, including Vietnam. She used an iPad Air to take pictures, to look up maps, chat with friends and blog. Viewers are treated to many familiar images of Vietnam, such as the green fields, Ha Long bay or motorbikes in Saigon. This video is part of the Apple’s marketing campaign called "Your Verse".

Earlier, Reuters reported that Vietnam had been rarely mentioned by Apple executives in their reports. However, in the quarterly meeting on April 23, Apple talked about the potential here. Its sales in Vietnam tripled in the first half of fiscal year 2014 (ended on March 31) and that of iPhones doubled. The rates are likely to continue to rise as Vietnamese consumers are mainly young people who love new technology; the number of Internet and phone users is increasing; and the middle class is forecast to double by 2020.

This demand is contrary to the gloomy economic outlook due to higher bad debt and many businesses shutting down. Vietnam’s GDP rose only 5.4% last year. Many other companies are also eyeing Vietnam, particularly Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These cities have up to 15 million people, half of the total Internet users in Vietnam. Moreover, two thirds of the population are under 30 years of age.

vietnam, ipad air, apple

 vietnam, ipad air, apple

 vietnam, ipad air, apple

 vietnam, ipad air, apple

vietnam, ipad air, apple 


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